About Us

Who We Are

As athletes and coaches ourselves, we knew that team profile sheets and college coach recruiting processes needed an update. So, we built the solution: Recruit Sheets®. Recruit Sheets is an advanced digital platform that brings traditional, paper-based recruiting of high school and club athletes into the 21st century.

Our Mission

To make recruiting easier and more accessible to high school and club athletes by streamlining the process for the athletes, teams, and college coaches with an easy-to-use digital platform.

Our Values

Accessibility. Empowerment. Inclusivity. Getting recruited for collegiate sports can be a game-changer! But, recruiting was due for a game-changer of its own. We provide a better team profile sheet and a more efficient way for college coaches to organize their files, making recruiting an accessible, empowered, and inclusive experience.

Recruit Sheets Overview

Providing Athletes, Teams, and College Coaches A Modern Solution for Recruiting

We Have 20+ Years of Practical Experience Connecting Athletes to College Recruiters

On average, only 7.2% of high school and club athletes get recruited to play in college. On a team of 14, only one player will become a collegiate athlete. One of the main reasons is that the current paper-based recruiting process allows gifted athletes to slip through the cracks.

In an industry that means so much to so many children, we should have a consistent, efficient, and equal opportunity process to take these student-athletes to the next level.

The Old Process:

Athletes are left hoping they get noticed, unless they can afford an expensive recruiting agency.

Teams struggle to market their players with limited team profile sheets, which only work if a college coach attends a game in person.

And, college coaches are overwhelmed with athletes, agencies, and teams vying for their attention without an efficient way to sort through the noise and discover the top talent for their program.

The NCAA ban of all in-person recruiting during the Covid-19 pandemic is proof that the recruiting process needs an update.

The Recruit Sheets Process:

Athletes get an affordable resource to market themselves to college coaches.

Teams get a more effective team profile sheet.

College coaches get a system to organize potential recruits with built-in metrics to compare all athletes on the same data.

Recruit Sheets is the solution. A digital platform with a mission to make recruiting easier and more accessible to high school and club athletes every step of the way.

Revolutionizing the way College Coaches, Club Coaches, and Athletes communicate during On-Site recruiting events!

Our Core Features

Built by Coaches and Athletes Who Understand What You Need

Digital Access

Digital team and player profile sheets are available instantly, whether a coach is watching in person or online. Also, they can be updated throughout the season with the changes published immediately, including to past college coaches who have that athlete saved in their files.

Consistent Data

Recruit Sheets creates a consistent set of data provided to college coaches by providing the template profile sheet for coaches and athletes to complete. This ensures talented athletes aren't overlooked.

Efficient Notes and Ratings

The Recruit Sheets metrics system allows a college coach to take game time notes and rate each player to determine if they’re a good fit for their program. This enables every potential recruit to be scored and compared on the same metrics.


Athletes who play on teams that don’t make the effort to provide a profile sheet at games or who can’t afford a recruiting company will be provided an equal opportunity through Recruit Sheets’ affordability and ease of use.

Are you a College Coach looking for Top Talent?

Could your recruiting process be more efficient and save you time in the long run?

With nearly 8 million students participating in high school sports alone, your search for potential recruits can be overwhelming. You want to find the best athlete for your team, but that can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Everybody wants your attention, from recruiting agencies to high school and club coaches. At the end of the day, you have stacks of paper profile sheets, emails, phone calls, and personal notes and you have to weigh it all in making your recruiting decision. It all takes time and isn’t the most efficient process.

Recruit Sheets is your solution to simplify the recruiting process, take back time in your day, and still recruit the best of the best athletes.


Recruit Sheets Success Stories

"I'm not a graphic designer, so designing profile sheets is not my cup of tea. Not only do I not have to design anything anymore, I'll never run out of profile sheets during a tournament. Recruit Sheets solved for all of my pain points and simplified everything for me and my team!"

James S. Club Coach

"I love that I'm able to create a personal profile sheet and share links to my Recruiting Agency account and Social Media platforms for College Coaches to view."

Jennifer O. Athlete

"As a College Coach, I never enjoyed walking around the park with tons of paper profile sheets in a folder. Now I can keep everything in the palm of my hand. And, when I'm watching a live stream, I can simply search the Recruit Sheets Directory to find the teams profile and follow a player. Wish I would have had this sooner!"

Samantha L. College Coach